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About Lighting Stores

Lighting Stores offers you an exclusive selection of Handcrafted products and Styles for lighting decor. This store is a high-end quality and sophisticated online store dedicated to the lighting of the most luxurious brands for the wholesale market.

All of our pieces were carefully thought out by designers and created by the hands of masters and skilled craftsman, sot that you could enjoy not only a lighting piece, but also a work of art


This store was born with a mission to offer a full selection of an exclusive design and handcrafted production.

Why are we online

Browse amidst our generous number of designs, find daily sale deals and style advice. Here you can design-your-own piece, choose your own features and much more. Most of your orders are shipped within 3 days of purchase from our warehouse.

we look at the future with our eyes set on a life-long relationship with the development of high-quality craftsmanship, which we also consider an art, a way of collaborating on an on-going sustainable development with the solution of environmental issues always on our minds.

Quality and exclusivity
We deal solely with the best manufacturers to deliver high-end designs,making our products exclusive.

Policy on sustainability and social responsibility

Lighting Stores is committed in conducting business with attention and respect, ethical operation, diverse and inclusive workforce with a positive societal impact, presenting values which are necessary for a company that operates worldwide.
We are working to ensure that the company achieves all of its objectives enabling to face a future in which environmental and social sustainability is of an extreme importance. For this reason, in Lighting Stores, we look to the future with an eye on life-long tasks such as craftsmanship, that we also consider an art, a way of collaborating with sustainable development and the environment issues.
This is why, at Lighting Stores, we want to honor this worthy craft with a valuable initiative for the further development of this sector, through our support to the  "BR HANDS FOUNDATION", paying tribute to all manufacturers for their wisdom and history, always, with the purpose of keeping alive their contributions to the art of craftsmanship.


We ensure that the manufacturers of the products that we sell online agree to all of the regulations. Working, not only with companies that commit to continuous improvements in environmental causes, but also work to help reduce the human footprint and reduce the amount of human produced resources and materials.


At Lighting Stores, we are all in favor of diversity, because the one true thing that is important to us is, our employees’ contribution and dedication towards our company, regardless of race, gender, religion or social status. Our employees reflect the competitive and creative spirit that moves this company forward. Lighting Stores should be, and is, a reflection of the people that are part of it.